Rock Ardemar

Rock Ardemar is an IC explorer of the Caverns and the D’ni culture in MOUL and the OC, having transited several times all the Myst and Uru Ages since 1997.

Permanently on some Quest, Rock Ardemar is rarely to be seen chatting idly on Ae’gura Plaza. Every now and then he does like to come to a random cavern party, greet his friends and spend some time with them, but his favourite activities are roleplaying and exploring adventures all around the Cavern and the related Ages.

Since Les Contes de la Caverne stories - his favourite in-game adventure - were discontiuned in late 2011, Rock Ardemar found a new Quest in the Ancient Book of Fate storyline on the Open Cave shard and participated in the search for the Dark Guild and its secrets led by Mr. Rosenqvist and his assistant Amalia. The ABF was regretfully interrupted too, but the City of Dimensions luckily offered plenty of new places to explore.

Currently, Rock Ardemar is participating in the Fabulous Magical Treasure Quest.